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Top 5 Best Restaurants in Woking

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Woking is a historical town that boasts of modern-day ambitions where you can find a wide selection of great places to dine in. If you ever find yourself wandering around the streets of this lovely town, here are top 5 best restaurants in Woking where you can fill your tummy and satisfy your taste buds.

  1. Beit Beirut

Beit Beirut is a highly rated Lebanese restaurant in Woking. Ever since they opened their doors in 2019, the restaurant offers an amazing atmosphere and boasts of a menu that includes salads, hot and cold mezza dishes, and a variety of main menu.

Hospitality and generosity are the main essence of Lebanese culture and this is most evident during meal times wherein families and friends all get together to celebrate life and catch-up while enjoying healthy and delicious food.

  1. Cellar Magneval

Cellar Magneval is a sophisticated wine bar and is among the best spots in Woking where you can grab a sip of refreshing beverage. They also offer a selection of delightful food. Some of their sharing platters are aperitif and crudité, antipasti and cheese, and charcuterie and cheese. They also offer a number of sandwiches during lunchtime.

As an award-winning local bar, event organiser, and delivery service, Cellar Magneval takes pride in their quality food and magnificent wine that you cannot find anywhere else in Woking.

  1. Jeitta

Jeita is a Church Path eatery that specialises in exotic Lebanese flavours that is open daily at varying times. Their main courses include shish taouk or chicken cubes, lahem meshwi or charcoal-grilled lamb cubes with rice, and so much more.

They are proud to be among the pioneer Lebanese restaurants that opened their doors in the town of Woking. Jeita follows a simple ethos and that is to make sure that each and every piece of ingredient they us is of the highest quality. A

ll of their offerings, from food, to juices, and even their sauces, are freshly made using authentic family recipes that were passed down from generation to generation.

  1. Marciano Lounge

Marciano Lounge belongs to the Lounges chain that has a colourful and lively vibe with friendly staff, a great menu, and lots of cocktails. There are also options for brunch, juicy burgers, tapas, and sandwiches. A trio of long time friends established Lounges in 2002 after spending years in the bar and restaurant trade. They have a simple albeit a bit selfish motivation, and that is to have a place where they can enjoy their drinks.

  1. Seasons Café & Kitchen

The Lightbox’s Seasons Café & Kitchen is the best spot to enjoy a pre-gallery peruse meal that combines simple favourites with restaurant-quality dining. During warm summer months, you can also sit outdoors in their courtyard at the side of the canal.

The restaurant provides a cosy place where you can meet up with your friends, enjoy a fun conversation over some cake and coffee, or indulge in a relaxing weekend brunch before you explore the galleries.