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Bathroom and kitchen plumbing are usually a set and forget affair. It’s only when something goes wrong that we start to panic. So what can be done when you are caught off guard.

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Leaks and low pressure

The kitchen is a complex system on its own especially when there are a lot of appliances connected to the plumbing. A leak in an area can affect others in a certain way. When a leak happens, it could be a sign of low pressure or just look for areas in the kitchen where water has deposited.

Clogged Drains

Blocked drains are always a headache. Most drains lead to a p-trap where solid dirt is collected. P-traps are equipped with a small drain that anyone can just remove to remove the solid dirt inside. However, it becomes a problem if somehow the clog is occurring past the trap. This can be caused by cooking oil that had solidified somewhere in the system. At this point, you might have to call for professionals to do the cleaning for you.

Leaking faucet

This problem is a simple to fix, if the faucet’s o-ring has worn out, you can have it replaced either by yourself or you can call someone to do it. In the worst-case scenario, you will have to replace the faucet itself. Unfixed faucet leaks waste a lot of water over time and can add an increase in your water bill unnecessarily.

Refrigerator Issues

If you are using a refrigerator that is equipped with an ice maker, it is connected to the water supply. Like anything connected to a water pipe, leaks can occur or clogs even. If this happens, you may have to contact the manufacturer for help if you still have an active warranty, otherwise, you may have to call a third-party plumbing company.

Dishwasher Issues

Just like the refrigerator, problems can occur here too. Examples of problems are the inability to drain properly, clogs, weak pressure, and others. If this happens then you might have to call someone to help fix. Check to see if your dishwasher is still under warranty, otherwise, you might end up voiding your warranty.

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What are the common problems that can happen for bathroom and kitchen plumbing?

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When it comes to fixing or installing your plumbing, Flowright plumbers Woking are the right team to call! We are staffed with capable personnel with years of experience under our belt. We cover a variety of jobs from boiler installation to fixing plumbing fixtures, along with many other services. Our process of carrying out job orders is systematic and here are just the basic steps.

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Site visit

When you give us a call, we send our guys to do a thorough inspection of the job at hand. If you are calling to have your plumbing installed or to have something fixed, this is always the first step.


For this step, our plumbers will try to determine the cause of the problem and how to suggest ways to fix it. We can make recommendations on how to approach the issue that best suits your budget. You, as the client, can also make suggestions and we will try to assess how we can make it work. If nothing else works we will try to approach a point where all sides can agree on a solution.

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Bathroom Fitters Woking GU21

Installation and repair process

Once we agree, we can now determine a schedule when the job will be carried out.

Warranty and Insurance

What’s great when hiring us is that our services are covered by warranty and insurance. If the work we’ve performed is not up to spec, we can always send our guys back to check out what went wrong at no additional charge on your part.

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Finally, hire someone who quotes based on what is on-site

never hire a company to install your boiler if they are giving you quotes over the phone. Not all houses are the same and each house comes with its own circumstances. A true engineer will go out there to personally inspect the site where the new boiler is going to be installed to assess how they will carry out the project. It is at this point where a price will be decided based on how the job will be carried out.

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Our Kitchen Plumbing and Gas Services

Can you service your plumbing system on your own?

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There are many conditions why you may not be able to do so. If you are renting the place, your landlord may have set restrictions within your contract on how to approach such a situation so you must contact them first. Another one is warranties, appliances like dishwashers or washing machines might still be under warranty, and tinkering with them could void it.
But typically, certain tasks allow you to fix your plumbing, provided you practice the right precautions when dealing with such things. More complicated issues will warrant the need to call professional help. We also provide a Radiator Repair, Fitting & Powerflush service, so if you are looking at adding more radiators or repairing your current ones, then give us a call to discuss your needs.

Problems are immediately spotted and fixed

Getting a plumber to check your system is a great way to avoid unnecessary expensive costs. After all, the pipes aren’t the only things that can go wrong. The water itself can cause trouble. If leaks are happening inside the walls or inside appliances can easily cause problems like electric shocks or fire.

Hiring a professional service like Flowright can save you money

As a company, we do a variety of jobs, we also install appliances such as boilers, refrigerators, dishwashers, showers, etc. Just like our jobs, we also offer warranties for these devices on top of the warranties that already come with them from the manufacturer. If anything goes wrong with any device we installed in the past, we can come and fix them for you. This is a feature you won’t get if you did the installation yourself, the best you can hope for are the warranties offered by the manufacturer.

For your safety, don’t

Unless you are trained plumber yourself, you may be ill-equipped to handle a complex job. Becoming a plumber requires a vocational degree and the best ones have years of experience. We, at our company, have the right people for the task. Things become even more dangerous when dealing with electrical devices.

General Liability Insurance

Professional companies are required by law to have some form of liability insurance to cover for accidents. A lot of things can go wrong when doing repairs at home so it is better to be cautious.

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Professional Bathroom & Kitchen Renovation

To make things a lot easier on your part, you might want to have your bathroom plumbing checked regularly by a professional.

There are many benefits to doing this in the long run.

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