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Drainage in your home is what takes all our liquid waste from the kitchen to the restroom to the bathroom down the sewers where we can just forget about it. We usually take it for granted just like air but when thing go wrong with it, it can be annoying. There are certain things any home owner can do in order to mitigate such issues such as holding a regular maintenance routine. Nonetheless, let’s see what kinds of problems your drainage system can run into at home. Alternatively, if you need a Boiler Repair, Service and Fitting service, give our engineers a call today!

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This is probably one of the most common problems you can run into at any time. This can happen especially in the bathroom and the number one culprit is hair. You can prevent this from happening by simply cleaning the collected hair near the drain regularly to ensure that the amount of hair being flushed down the pipes is minimized. If the problem does occur, you can do some basic troubleshooting by removing the obstacles. Otherwise, you will need to contact a professional to do it. The worst kind of clogging you can experience is when all your drainage fixtures are clogged. It all depends on how the house plumbing was designed. In this case, the main drain pipe to the house might be blocked and might definitely call for a major fix. Hiring a drainage engineer to help may be your only choice.


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Foul Odour

When a drain at home starts to emit foul smells, it’s considered a major issue and must be addressed immediately it could be a sign that a variety of pollutants have been deposited inside the pipes for a very long time. Over time, enough quantity will be deposited that there is enough gas build up. If this happens, you may need to call a professional drainage engineer to have a look at what went really wrong. Professional plumbers have the necessary tools and training to handle this kind of situations. The worst that can happen is a pipe replacement and best case scenario is just for them to perform a thorough cleaning of the pipes.

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If the first scenario didn’t allow you to drain, this one is the opposite wherein the sewage drains up your pipes. If you notice foul water depositing in low lying areas at home such as in the basement or water is simply pouring out of your drains. If this happens, you will need to start calling for a professional drainage engineer. The problem could be more serious than just simple blockage.


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One of the worst experiences that can possibly happen is getting drain water deposit on your walls, floors, and even ceiling. If you notice water stains on your ceiling or any surface, for that matter, chances are there’s a busted pipe somewhere in there. It can be tricky to trace these leaks. For example, a pipe could be leaking in one corner of the ceiling but evidence of said leak could be manifesting at the opposite corner or at the sides. It all depends on how the water is flowing.

Moist surfaces at home

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Slow draining

This is an early sign that something is wrong with your drain, the good news is that you have this opportunity to troubleshoot. You can perform some simple cleaning but if the problem still persists, the issue may be bigger than initially thought. At this point you will need to call a professional, a drainage engineer, to be specific. They have the necessary tools and training to check your drainage system. While they are at it, they might as well inspect other drains inside your home.

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What kinds of problems your drainage system can run into at home?

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Why Choose Our Drain Services?

Drains are not the easiest to fix especially when the problem occurs somewhere deep in the system where it’s difficult to reach. You’re going to need a team of specialists to come and check what went wrong. Why should you pick professionals to do this job? Here are some reasons we think are worth considering.

Drain Unblocking

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It is easier for a team, or at least at trained individual, to do the inspection

When you have a whole group of trained drain engineers doing the work, they can be more accurate and faster in fixing your drainage issues. Doing it yourself is inefficient and can open you to a host of health risks if you don’t have the proper gear and training.

You can save on money when hiring professionals to do the work

If you attempt to fix your drain, there’s a possibility that something can go wrong that could lead to injury or destruction of property. Another possibility is that you will be able to fix the issue but open up new issues somewhere else in the system, this can be very difficult to trace. When messing around with pipes in walls and ceilings, there’s also the possibility of damaging wires and risk of electric shock, especially when water is involved. So to save yourself the trouble, it is a safer bet to just hire someone to do it like Flowright plumbers.

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General Liability Insurance

Whether you own the house or you are a tenant, a damage or injury will cost money and companies like Flowright plumbers are covered by insurance. Best case scenario this won’t be necessary as the odds of property damage or injuries are low. Most jobs go smoothly without a hitch.

Warranty guaranteed

Whether you are installing a drainage system for the first time or wanting to do some renovation, you will need a company with years of experience in the field where their workmanship is excellent, and even if something goes wrong, the team will be back immediately to make the necessary adjustments at no extra cost on your part as the home owner. So if you are in top shopping for the right plumbers, pick Flowright Plumbers Woking to do the hard work for you.

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