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Boilers are heating units installed in homes that perform the simple function of generating heat for all sorts of needs such as central heating. Having such a critical device breakdown can be a hassle especially when it happens at the wrong time.


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What are the common problems that can happen to Boilers?

1. Leaks in the System

Leaks in a boiler happen when something breaks such as a pipe, a seal that has come loose or worn out, or a corroded pipe. It is also possible that the engineer that installed your boiler did something wrong and only now the issues are showing up. In the best-case scenario, you only to replace a component, the worst case is you will have to replace the whole thing. Whatever the case, we can help!

2. No Heat or Hot Water

When this happens, the usual cause is the motorized valves not working properly, low pressure, broken system diaphragms, or a broken thermostat. You can do a simple diagnosis by checking the pressure gauge. If it is below one, then chances are you need to increase the pressure. User manuals may provide basic troubleshooting steps that users can perform but there comes a time when professionals need to be called in. Only perform the basic diagnostic steps, never try to take any of the boiler parts out.

3. Low Boiler Pressure

This can be caused simply by a leak. Pretty much all these problems are interconnected so it can be difficult to diagnose where the problem starts.

4. Odd noises like gurgling, banging, or whistles

Boilers, like any other mechanical machine, make noises but if the machines start to produce sounds that it doesn’t usually make, it could be caused by some of the aforementioned problems. Consult the users manual to see if there is a fix you can do, otherwise, you will have to call a qualified engineer to take a look at it. These noises are common in older boilers and usually is a sign of years of use, resulting in a much needed boiler replacement. Call our engineers today!

5. Frozen Condensate Pipe

When the cold season has arrived, this problem is one of the most common ones to occur, especially if the condensate pipe is located externally or is in an unheated space. The condensate can go back into the boiler and cause all kinds of issues.


Boiler Installation & Servicing In Woking

Flowright plumbers Woking is a company staffed by qualified personnel whose task is to inspect, install, and repair boilers so you don’t have to. We already covered some of the basics about what to expect when trying to install boilers yourself versus hiring the professionals to do it. We are a company dedicated to the task of installing and maintaining boilers for the residents of Woking. Our process is simple. If you are interested in our services.


Site visit

before giving you a quote for an installation or repair, we will conduct a site visit by sending an engineer to inspect where you want to install the boiler, this is to make sure it is fit to host such a crucial piece of hardware, and this is also to ensure that building & safety procedures are still followed.



Once it is determined that your home or place of business is fit for a boiler installation or what repairs should be done, we can start to make recommendations on the brand and model. But we understand that clients may have a limited budget and thus may opt for a different brand and model. Regardless, the final decision will be on the client and whatever the decision, we will happily install it safely for you.



When everything is set, we can determine a schedule to come and do the installation. We work to ensure that we are on schedule so the client won’t have to spend more than necessary.


Warranty and Insurance

We offer both for the client’s peace of mind. If anything goes wrong, you can give us a call and we’ll come out to make the necessary fixes. As for the insurance, we make sure all our staff are qualified and up to speed with the latest trends in the industry, they are well trained and are regularly reminded to practice proper procedure to avoid any unnecessary accidents while working on site. To this day, we have never received a negative review from one of our installations.

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Why you should not do the installation or repair of a boiler on your own

If you are not licensed to carry out installations and repairs, the best thing you can do is to make adjustments to the temperature or pressure, or whatever items the user’s manual says you can mess with. But as far as carrying out the installation of a brand new boiler, it has to be done by a qualified team of trained engineers who are in active service.
Depending on where you live, it may not be illegal to do the installation but there are a ton of things that can go wrong if you are solely relying on video tutorials on the internet or pieces of advice taken from internet forums. On a side note, installing boilers include a little bit of tinkering with the gas supply.
If you are charging for your service and you are not licensed, you can get into a host of legal problems if you get caught. But the legality is not the biggest problem here, a gas leak can cause an explosion, fire, or gas poisoning for everyone living inside the structure. The bottom line is always use gas safe engineer!


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Regular checks to your boiler at home are crucial and are, unfortunately, one of the things  that is usually overlooked. However, you should always have it checked regularly by a licensed Gas engineer.

Problems can escalate if they go unchecked – Hiring an engineer trained to inspect boilers is important. Inspection rates can vary from a less than a £100 to £250 depending on the how long it takes and what the issue is. Regardless, checking for early signs of trouble can save you tons of money down the line.

Save Money on Electric Bills – Boilers are power hogging devices on their own, especially if you are trying to heat a large structure. Boilers can be used for a variety of heating functions so you can expect your power bills to go up. A regular check-up ensures that the engineer can verify if your boiler is still performing efficiently. Individual components of the device can degrade over time, making the device perform poorly, and therefore, those components may need replacing. If you are lucky, you will only need to replace one component which is going to be vastly cheaper than replacing the whole unit.

Safety Is Crucial – Boilers are heat and pressure-generating devices that can explode if something goes wrong. The power of such explosions is enough to rival a small explosive. Get caught in one and you can end up with serious injuries if not dead. But a more subtle way of ending up in the hospital is by inhaling carbon monoxide. A safety check performed by an engineer ensures that there are no leaks and that all the critical components are still functioning properly.

It is a legal requirement if you are a landlord – Landlords are required by law to have boilers within their premises checked by a qualified gas safety engineer regularly to make sure that everything is running smoothly.

Get a warranty for your boiler – even though boilers come with a warranty from the manufacturer, having an additional warranty from a qualified boiler installation company is even better. We mentioned earlier that a lot of things can go wrong when servicing a boiler whether it’s being installed for the first time or repairs are being done to it. This is why companies in the plumbing industry are expected to include a warranty with their service. If something goes wrong after an installation or repair session, the installer can go back to do any additional repairs and adjustments to the equipment free of charge.

Boiler Installation and Repair General Liability Insurance – Since the gas engineers are dealing with something hot and pressurized, a lot of things can go wrong as they work on the equipment. The bottom line is if someone got injured or something from the property was damaged during the installation or repair process, an insurance policy is ready to cover all the costs.


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