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Radiators are very useful when it comes to generating heat inside the home for those winter months. It can be frustrating when your radiator breaks. There are a lot of reasons why this can happen. We listed just a few reasons below that are worth checking.

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The radiator is not emitting any heat or it feels cold to the touch

The cause for this can either be an electrical problem or a clogged pump or pipe. Ensure that the fuse isn’t blown.

The radiator is only warm at the bottom

This is an issue that can happen when the system needs flushing. The radiator will have to be taken off the wall and flushed with water. If the problem persists, you may need to call a professional to help fix it as the problem may be a blocked pipe, broken pump, or the radiator was simply poorly designed right from the start.

The radiator is only warm at the top

Just like in the previous issue, something needs to be cleared out inside the radiator so the device will have to be removed from the wall and flushed with water. If the problems persist, then you will have to call in a professional to deal with the issue.

System Pressure is too low

This problem occurs if there’s a leak in the system somewhere or something went wrong after a flush. Refer to the user’s manual on how to troubleshoot basic issues like this. If the problem persists you may already need to call for a professional to come and check it.

Nothing wrong with the radiator but it still doesn't function as well

In this case, the problem may already have something to do with the boiler. Call a reliable company to come take a look.


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If the radiator leaks, it can be very difficult to locate. Worst-case scenario you will have to replace the radiator. Unless you are skilled in patching up holes, this problem is going to take time to do as you need some planning. If you don’t have time, it’s better to just call in our plumbing and heating specialists to fix this for you.

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Radiator Repair Woking

Power Flushing Service in Woking

Flowright Plumbers Woking have been operating for years in the industry with competent and well trained staff. With almost three decades of experience under our belt, we’ve worked on a lot of cases and have the necessary knowledge in dealing with issues concerning your plumbing and radiator needs. When we carry out a job, we ensure to take every necessary step to ensure that the workmanship is at its highest.

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Site visit and assessment

Before carrying out a job, we will first have to assess what went wrong with your radiator. In some cases, the problem could be caused by something else such as a faulty boiler. So to make sure we assess to narrow down where the problem is coming from. In case you are calling to have a new radiator installed, we will still have to do a site visit to determine how the new radiator is going to be installed.

Installation or repair process

Once everything is clear, we will determine a schedule when we will carry out the task. For repairs, it can be carried on the same day as the site visit.

Radiator Repair Surrey Woking
Radiator Repair Woking

Warranty and Insurance

When you hire our central heating engineers, we will offer you a warranty and the work we carry out is covered by insurance as well. If you hire us to also do the installation, not only do you have the warranty from the manufacturer but on top of that we are also adding our warranty. If the work we’ve done suddenly has problems, we will come to resolve it as quickly as we can. The insurance we offer is useful in case something was damaged or someone was injured at the time our people are at your house, working on your radiator. With these safety nets, everyone can have peace of mind.

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Does Your Radiator Need fixing?

Radiator Repair Woking Surrey

Radiators can be tricky to work with as you are dealing with fluids, electrical components, and gases. The user’s manual for these things can only offer so much before you run into a brick wall. Manufacturers don’t want people to be messing with their products. And even if that’s not the issue, your technical skills in determining how to fix the thing might not be enough.

Can you service your radiator at home?

When there is a problem in the system they are immediately spotted

Your home’s radiator is crucial especially when you are nearing the winter season. The last thing you need is for it to break right in the middle of said season.

Hiring Flowright plumbers can help save you money and time

So let’s say your radiator broke, the warranty from the manufacturer has already expired, and the user’s manual recommends getting a professional. In an attempt to save on cash, you attempted to troubleshoot. The problem you can run into is figuring out what went wrong and this can take a long time if you don’t even know where to start looking. Manufacturers design their products differently and what repair guides you see on the internet can be different.

Better be safe than sorry

The ability to fix radiators require a certain type of training and the average Joe cannot do this without some kind of guidance from a professional.

General Liability Insurance

Companies specializing in the installation and repairs for radiators are likely to have this type of insurance to cover for damages and other obligations should something go wrong while working at a client’s home.

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What benefits do you get when you hire professionals to resolve issues for you?

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