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Here at Flowright Plumbers Woking, you can have the assurance that every installer in our team is guaranteed and certified by the Gas Safe Register. We also provide a stellar Bathroom and Kitchen Plumbing & Fitting service, so give us a call if this something you also want to discuss.

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They have the right tools for the job

Anyone with the initiative can be handy but without the proper tools and experience, you will have difficulty performing any fix to any damaged item at home. A gas engineer as an example, they undergo training, apprenticeship, and license exams. With that being said, they are trained to diagnose issues and they are equipped with the right tools and equipment for the job.

Fixing boilers can be dangerous

One of the biggest reasons to hire a certified gas engineer when installing a new boiler, is the huge risk of leaks occurring in the system due to incorrect installation. A leak can cause all kinds of problems such as the release of toxic gases in the air where everyone at home can breathe it in, which can lead to hospitalization or death. Then there’s the possibility of explosions which can result in injury, property damage, or worse.

Whether you need a boiler installed for a commercial or residential property, you should always hire professionals and never do the task of installation on your own. The reason for this is to protect yourself from future liabilities should problems arise from a wrongful installation that may lead to incidents down the road. If the courts find out you did the installation yourself and you are not licensed, or you did hire someone trained, but they have no certification, you (and they) can get yourselves a host of legal problems. Just play it safe and hire registered gas engineers.

Avoid financial liabilities

A legitimate company in the UK such as Flowright Plumbers Woking that are staffed with the most capable, licensed, and equipped people in the industry for all your plumbing concerns. With that being said, we carry out jobs with financial security in mind. Our workers are covered by insurance and for our protection and yours.

You can learn a lot about proper maintenance

Asking the experts while at your property is one of the best ways to learn how to avoid problems in the future. When a team is at your home performing the installation, this is a great opportunity to ask questions about what you can and can’t do when problems occur and how to properly maintain.

Save time

It is easy to underestimate the time it takes to install a boiler. Once more, expertise and tools come into play here. You can save a lot by hiring gas engineers to do the work for you.

Companies can recommend tried and tested brands and models

Finding the right model and brand for a boiler, specifically if you are not well-versed in this industry, can be very difficult. Reading reviews and testimonials on the internet is a great start and can serve as a valuable guideline, but at best these are anecdotal. Nonetheless, a reputable company in the business of installing boilers, and other central heating devices, will already have contact with suppliers or manufacturers. There are a lot of benefits to this such as the possibility of getting a discount, long warranty, and of course, it saves the client the trouble of trying to find the right brand.

Gas Safe Registered Installers GU21 Woking

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Why is it important to hire professionals when it comes to dealing with your central heating or boiler issues? Here we have listed reasons why you should consider hiring the pros.

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Hiring a Pro – Asking the right questions

So if it is your first time hiring a gas engineer, let us help you by giving a list of questions that should be asking.

Always Choose A Registered Gas Installer

Gas Safe Woking GU21 Registered Installers

Is the person you are hiring a licensed gas engineer?

Keep yourself out of fraudulent transactions. Do a background check whenever you are hiring someone for professional help. Companies with a legitimate record will always have a good reputation. Lucky for us in this day and age, we have the internet to ask questions and we no longer have to rely on manually asking for people, or our neighbors, for a decent gas safe registered installer.

Is the company or professional you are hiring experienced enough?

Or better yet, if you can describe your issues, ask the engineer if they’ve encountered that particular issue before – there is no harm in doing a thorough check if the company you are hiring has already encountered the issue you are experiencing, especially if it’s an uncommon problem. And while you are at it, ask how many boilers have they installed or repaired. Ask how long have they been in the business. Never tell them what you think might be going on with the system, only describe the side effects you or the system is experiencing then let them come to personally do the inspection.

Gas Safe Woking Registered Installers
Gas Safe Woking Registered Installers GU21

Are they asking for a down payment right off the bat?

If this is the situation you find yourself in, just hire someone else. It is very dishonest for a gas engineer to ask for full payment if they have not even performed a thorough inspection of the site. Full payment should be issued at the end of the job when every expense has been accounted for, and that you are satisfied with the results.

Ask before you approve

When an engineer suggests doing something such as changing a part or adding extra components to a reasonably complete system, ask them why. In the case of a component replacement, some shady professionals can take advantage of the client’s naivety or just plain reluctance to ask why. Such a professional can suggest changing a valve, for example, even though there is no need and the actual part causing trouble has already been fixed. Some do this so they can charge more than necessary.

GU21 Gas Safe Registered Installers Woking
Registered Installers Gas Safe Woking

Finally, hire someone who quotes based on what is on-site

never hire a company to install your boiler if they are giving you quotes over the phone. Not all houses are the same and each house comes with its own circumstances. A true engineer will go out there to personally inspect the site where the new boiler is going to be installed to assess how they will carry out the project. It is at this point where a price will be decided based on how the job will be carried out.

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