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Gas Safety Certificates in Woking, Surrey

As your local plumbing and heating services specialists here at Flowright Plumbers Woking, we understand the necessity of having your gas appliances serviced regularly. We know how vital it is to ensure the gas appliances in your Woking home or business are working safely and efficiently. Booking a gas safety check is paramount, especially since it’s a legal requirement for landlords. It’s also a highly recommended action for all gas users. Not only does it make sure everything is working as it should, but it’s also pivotal for the safety of every rental property. Read on to find out everything you need to know about annual gas safety inspections, sometimes referred to as a landlords gas safety check or CP12, in the Woking area.

Landlord Gas Safety GU21 Certificates Woking

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It's the Law for Landlords

Landlords and agents are legally obligated to have all appliances in their rental properties inspected normally once a year by a Gas Safe registered engineer. This professional assessment includes boilers, cookers, fires, and any other gas-powered equipment. As specialists in landlord safety and landlord compliance, let us handle the entire process for you, ensuring your installation and appliances are fit and working as they should.

Reduce Risk of Gas Leaks, Fires or Explosions

Rest assured that undetected faults with gas appliances can lead to significant problems. Getting your gas safety certificate each year, which is highly recommended, minimises these dangers.

Check Flues and Ventilation

During the landlord safety check, the engineer will thoroughly inspect flues and ventilation for your boiler, cooker, and any gas fireplaces, ensuring that everything functions without a breakdown and that poisonous gases can escape safely.

More Efficient Gas Use

By having your appliances regularly serviced, you make sure of a more efficient central heating system. During the gas boiler service, any issues impacting the efficiency of your appliances will also be identified, promoting cost savings.

Woking Landlord Gas Safety Certificates

Why Gas Safety Checks are Essential

There are many compelling and relevant reasons to make sure your gas safety certificates, or gas safety records, are up-to-date every year in Woking:

What's Involved in a Gas Safety Certificate?

When you book a gas safety check with Flowright Plumbers Woking, here is what you can expect:

Visual Inspection of All Gas Appliances

Our professional heating engineers will visually inspect all your appliances, flues, and pipework for any potential issues. This examination ensures that your gas fires, boilers, cookers, and hobs are in top condition.

Testing Appliance Operation and Performance

Our technician will also perform functional testing on each appliance, guaranteeing they operate at peak efficiency.

Checking Ventilation Meets Standards

Ventilation around appliances will be assessed to make sure it meets current safety standards and allows fumes to escape.

In-depth Flue Inspection

The entire flue system will be thoroughly inspected for any blockages, damage or leaks.

Report and Gas Safety Certificate

We’ll provide you with a comprehensive written report after the inspection. Additionally, you’ll receive your official Gas Safety Certificate, valid for a year.

Landlord Gas Safety Certificates GU21 Woking

Fully Certified and Experienced Engineers

All our engineers are Gas Safe registered and fully trained in current gas safety procedures and standards. You can trust our expertise.

Fast Appointment Times

We know time is precious, so can normally offer fast appointment times to suit you. Contact us today to schedule your gas safety inspection.

Fixed Price Transparency

There are no hidden charges with Flowright Plumbers Woking. We offer complete price transparency, with fixed price quotes for peace of mind.

Based in Woking

With our base located in Woking town centre, we are ideally placed to serve all homes and businesses in the local area quickly and efficiently.

24/7 Emergency Call-Outs

As well as planned checks, we also offer a 24-hour call-out service for emergency gas issues at any time of day or night.

Landlord Gas Safety Certificates Woking

Choosing Flowright Plumbers Woking for Gas Safety

As an established local plumbing company, Flowright Plumbers Woking should be your first choice for all gas safety certificate needs in Woking:

Gas Safety Tips for Woking Homeowners

While yealy gas safety inspections will identify any serious issues, there are also simple tips all Woking homeowners can follow for improved gas safety:

Landlord Gas Safety Woking GU21 Certificates

Taking these basic precautions alongside annual servicing will help maximise gas safety for your home.

Landlord Gas Safety GU21 Woking Certificates

How often do I need a certificate?

Inspections must be carried out annually and new certificate is required every 12 months for rental properties. Homeowners should also aim for annual inspections.

How much does a Woking gas safety certificate cost?

Our prices are fully fixed and transparent. For a 2-bed home, it normally costs £80 incl VAT. Larger homes are slightly more.

What appliances are checked?

Our engineers will check all appliances like boilers, cookers, fires and hobs for safety and efficiency. The flue system is also inspected.

What if faults are identified?

We will advise if any remedial work is recommended and provide a competitive quote for any repairs needed.

Do you offer landlord gas safety certificates?

Yes, we handle all aspects of landlord gas compliance from inspections to certificates. Please get in touch to discuss your rental property needs.

Who should carry out my gas safety check?

Always use a Gas Safe registered engineer like Flowright Plumbers Woking. Never attempt gas repairs yourself.

Landlord Gas Safety Woking Certificates GU21

We hope these answers have provided useful information about gas safety certificates Woking area. Please contact Flowright Plumbers Woking today to book your yearly gas inspection.

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Landlord Gas Safety Woking Certificates
Landlord Gas Safety Certificates Woking GU21
Woking Certificates Landlord Gas Safety

Trust the Gas Safety Experts

As Gas Safe registered engineers with extensive knowledge and experience, Flowright Plumbers Woking are perfectly placed to handle all your gas safety inspection and certification requirements in Woking and surrounding areas. For total peace of mind that the gas appliances in your rental or domestic property are operating safely and efficiently, be sure to call us today to book your yearly gas safety check. We look forward to helping maintain gas safety for your tenants, family and home. For a prompt response to your enquiry or to organise a gas safety check, please click on our enquiry form. Alternatively, reach out directly, and our customer service team will be happy to assist you.

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