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Boiler Not Firing Up? Here’s How to Fix It! (UK)

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A boiler that doesn’t fire up can easily ruin your day.  After all, you won’t have heating and hot water available.

Good thing that there are a few simple checks you can do on your own for your boiler to ignite all over again. However, it is still important that you talk to a professional boiler engineer before you take any action.

There could be many reasons why your boiler doesn’t fire up your heating system. It can be very risky for unqualified people to fix their boilers, particularly if you have gas boilers. The law requires that only a qualified gas safe registered engineer is able to fix gas boilers.

If your boiler doesn’t fire up, simply switching it off then on again will be able to fix the problem. Below are other steps you need to take to make your boiler functional all over again.

Bleed Your Radiators

In order to do this, first, make sure that you switch off your central heating system. The radiators must all be cool first. Use and attach the radiator key to the valve. Get a piece of cloth and slowly rotate the key in counter clockwise direction. A hissing sound will be heard and this indicates that gas is already escaping from your radiator. You should close off the valve again when you are finished.

Check All the Basics

See to it that you got enough credit in the prepayment meter. Inspect if the rest of the appliances running on gas are all working just fine. Check your fuse box to be sure that the switches didn’t trip. It may be easier to call a plumbing company to take care of all the checks for you.

Examine the Pressure Gauge

Look closely at your boiler’s pressure gauge. How many bars are there? The pressure is low if it only shows on bar or less. If this is the case, all you have to do is just increase the pressure for your boiler to fire up all over again.

If the indicator is less than 1, this means that the water pressure is extremely low. For you to re-pressure your boiler, search for the filling loop that you can often find at the lower portion of the unit. As you change the pressure, don’t forget to turn off your boiler first. You can then open the valve.

You will hear the water as it fills into the system that will bump up the pressure indicator. Make sure that you close the valve once the pressure gets to 1.5. You can now turn on your boiler.

Turn the Thermostat Higher

If your thermostat is less than 21 degrees, it might prevent your boiler from heating up the house. You can crank it up to more than 21 degrees for your boiler to start functioning again.


Reprogram After Power Cuts

If there was a power cut recently, it is possible that the boiler’s timer has reset itself. You simply need to reprogram this with your time zone for it to work all over again.

Reset Your Boiler

There times when a reset is the only thing your appliance needs. There are no mechanical faults of breakdowns. You just need to put your appliance to sleep for a few seconds. Simply turn off the power supply then wait for 60 seconds before turning it on. Your boiler should be working fine once more.