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No Water Coming Out of the Tap? How to Fix – 10 Tips UK

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It is all too easy to panic if no water comes out of your tap. But before you freak out and call an emergency plumber, there are a few tips you can try to fix the issue.

  1. Check for Blockages

Your tap problems could be the result of a blockage in the plumbing pipes. Clogged pipes are often the result of sediment build-up that blocks the water flow. A plumber can perform a drain inspection to identify the cause of blockage and use a high pressure jet to clear it.

  1. Inspect for Dislodged or Damaged Tap Washer

Your tap washer might be dislodged or damaged and this is why no water comes out of your tap when you turn it on. You will have to replace your washer or repair it as soon as you notice the issue to prevent more serious tap troubles.

  1. Check for Any Frozen Pipes

Your pipes might have frozen and this is why no water is coming out in the first place. You can try to unfreeze it with a hairdryer for the water to flow again.

  1. Look for Leaks

One of the most common reasons why no water comes out from taps is because of leaks. Check the water supply lines of your home for any dents or drips.

  1. Watch Out for Rust

Rust could be another reason why your taps stopped working all of a sudden. Get a new faucet to replace your old tap if it already gathered rust on both its exterior and interior parts.

  1. Check Your Other Taps

Try opening other taps around the house to see if water comes out of them. If the rest of the taps are working just fine, it means that you only have one faulty tap. If this is the case, all you have to do is dislodge the blockage inside the pipes or replace your faulty faucet.

  1. Ask Your Neighbours and Supplier

When no water comes out of all your taps, it often means that the service was turned off by the water supplier. It could be due to different reasons like onsite maintenance or forgetting to pay the water bill.

Before you contact the supplier, don’t forget to ask your neighbours if they are also experiencing the same issue. If yes, it means that there is a bigger and wider scale problem. Call your water supplier to inquire why the service was shut off and when it will be turned back on.


  1. Check for Hot Water

You can determine what causes your tap issues if you check your hot water. Your water heater is probably broken if only cold water comes out of your tap and no hot water.

  1. Check the Water Main

Make sure that the water main is open if no water comes out of your tap. A closed main valve will prevent water from running through the mainline and your faucets as well. Open your main valve then try opening your taps again.

  1. Consider the DIY Installations You Made

Finally, the problem could be the result of problems with your DIY installations. Poor installation may result to damaged faucets or leaks that may prevent the water flow.

Follow these tips and you’ll have water coming out of your tap again in no time.