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How to Unclog a Slow Draining Toilet UK

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It may require more effort to unclog a slow-draining toilet compared to clearing one that is already totally stopped up. This problem often happens because of an issue further down the line. This can also indicate that there is something wrong in a different part of your plumbing system altogether.

If your toilet is slow draining, there are a few things you can do on your own before you call in the plumbing experts.

Try Chemical Drain Cleaning Products

These products might be the simplest solution but remember that these might not really be your best option. Toxic chemical reactions may occur once the products come into close contact with different materials.

It is important to open a window first before you use these products. These might also produce fumes that could be dangerous for pets and small children. Always read the warnings, follow the instructions, check the possible side effects, as well as the chemical interactions you need to avoid.

Apply Enzyme Cleaning Products 

For persistent clogs and you are sure that there is nothing lodged in your drain like your kid’s toy, you can use enzyme cleaning products meant to break down organic matter in drains and pipes. You can buy these drain cleaning products online or at your local hardware store.

Unlike their counterparts that are chemical-based, enzyme cleaning products are eco-friendly. Make sure you read first the instructions before you proceed. Follow them carefully to avoid causing any unwanted harm to the plumbing system.

Go for the Liquid Soap and Hot Water Trick

The good old liquid soap and hot water trick may sound unconventional but this remains to be effective depending on the scale of the obstruction and blockage in your toilet. This is based on a rather simple concept. By lubricating the clogged area then hitting it with hot water, the blockage will loosen up, allowing your toilet to flush properly all over again.

Use a Plumbing Snake

You can also fix a slow draining toilet with the use of a more advanced method – the plumbing snake. Plumbing snakes are very flexible tools with substantially longer reach than your traditional toilet cleaning wire. Investing in one is a good decision so you can have something to use if ever the same problem happens again.


 Stick with Your Plunger

Yes, the tried and tested toilet plunger definitely belongs to this list. For many decades, plunging the toilet is probably your go-to method when minor clogs occur. Although it will take some effort, this can still do the job and work almost immediately. Just don’t forget to wear a pair of rubber gloves if you got them for sanitary reasons and keep the surrounding floors protected from overflow if the water line is a bit too high.

Now that you know the different options you have to unclog your slow draining toilet, you can try each one of them first to determine the best hack that will work for you and your toilet. If all else fails, don’t hesitate and call the experts to fix the issue for you.