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The Importance of Proper Water Pressure in Your Home UK

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You probably hear about water pressure a lot but do you have any idea what it is in the first place and why it is important for your UK home to have the proper water pressure?

Water Pressure Defined

Water pressure determines the water movement through your home’s pipes and out of your shower or taps. The amount of water pressure in the mains will mainly depend on your location in relation to the nearest supply, typically a reservoir.

Why Your UK Home Needs Proper Water Pressure

Maintaining your home’s proper water pressure is as equally important as the blood pressure of your body. It will be a cause of concern if the pressure gets too low or too high.

Many homeowners usually nitpick about low water pressure but high pressure may lead to expensive damages. Every residential home has a different pressure level but it is recommended to maintain 60 PSI or pounds per square inch.

Water pressure must never go more than 80 PSI. Something higher may lead to major appliances, such as toilets and water heaters, to stop functioning properly due to the stress on plumbing as well as other parts.

Water pressure is a crucial factor all throughout the year, but even more so during winter season.  Water is usually taken for granted, with most of you expecting that water will be flowing out of your taps immediately.

If water slowly or inconsistently comes out of your taps, this might indicate that the water pressure is too high or too low. If the water pressure is too high, this may lead to leaks in the pipes since they are unused to these high pressure standards. But, when the water pressure gets too low, you might have a hard time getting any water from your taps in the first place. This will definitely not be enough for taking a quick shower or filling the bath tub. If you are looking for reliable bathroom fitters then follow the link.

The water pressure in your home must have the correct balance because this will ensure that your pipes won’t burst or dry up. The proper water pressure will also keep the drains and pipes functioning as they are meant to during the cold winter months. It will help lower the risks of your pipes cracking and freezing as the flow of water can help indicate this as well.

High water pressure all over your house can lead to wasted water, pipe damage, and leaks. The most common sings of high pressure include the following:

  • Moisture spots from leaks or drips

  • Short-lived water heater, dishwasher, or washer

  • Recurring or constant leaks in appliances as well as other fixtures

  • Consistent breakdown of appliances that take in water such as dishwashers and ice makers

  • Small leaks, holes, or cracks in lines or hoses

  • Loud sounds like knocking or banging noises that come from the plumbing

  • Toilet problems

  • Spitting noises when faucets are turned on

You can buy a test gauge from the local home improvement shop and follow all instructions to help you test the water pressure in your home. You can also invest in a pressure regulator if your home’s water pressure fluctuates often.