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Top 10 Automatic Water Shut Off Valves UK 2021

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Leaky taps, damaged pipes, and faulty appliances can cause serious trouble for your home. A major leak can easily lead to thousands of dollars worth of repair that can cause massive disruption in your home’s activities. Good thing that that automatic water shut off valves are here to the rescue. Always speak to a reliable plumber to gain more knowledge on what valve is right for your home.

  1. Dome

With the help of the Z-Wave Hub app, you can control this water shut-off valve from anywhere. This is compatible with all water tanks and water heaters provided that you are using a quarter-turn ball valve. This is easy to install and use even if you don’t have any plumbing skills.

  1. EcoNet Controls

A true powerhouse in the smart home water management, EcoNet Controls is a Z-wave certified valve compatible with popular smart hubs and could work with different water sensors. This can produce powerful enough torques for turning even the toughest valves.

  1. Flow by Moen

Flow by Moen features a smart water monitor for leak detection and flow tracking. Once it detects a  leak, the smart valve automatically shuts off water to the home to limit water damage.

  1. FortrezZ Wireless Z-Wave

FortrezZ Wireless Z-Wave is a water valve that is totally integrated with Samsung SmartThings. This valve will help ensure that your house remains leak-free. Although it has a rather straightforward setup, you might need the help of a professional plumber.

  1. Grohe Sense Guard

The WiFi-connected water controller Grohe Sense Guard is set on your mains water supply pipe. This constantly monitors the water system of your home and detects all anomalies from the smallest leaks to major bursts. Once it detects any variation from the usual, this immediately turns your water system off.

  1. Guardian Leak Prevention System

Guardian can automatically shut off your entire water system once it detects a frozen pipe, leak, or earthquake to avoid further damage. You can install the Guardian Wireless Leak Detectors up to 1,000 feet away from its Valve Controller, allowing the device to cover even the biggest homes.

  1. HomeSeer Z-Wave Plus Water Valve Controller

This water valve controller allows you to automatically and remotely control the water flow and comes with a wireless Z-wave compatibility. This valve can be used with various sensors. It shuts off immediately once a water leak is detected and stops the flow of water.

  1. LeakSmart

LeakSmart is a type of automatic water shut off valve that cannot only detect leak but can also instantly shut off your main water supply and notify your device via the LeakSmart app.

  1. Phyn Plus

Phyn Plus is a one of a kind device that protects the entire water system of your home from just one location. This connects to the existing WiFi network in your house so you don’t need to buy another smart home hub.

  1. Vaticas Smart Water Valve

A smart water valve compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa, and Tuya Smart, Vaticas features a timer that lets users schedule water tanks and heaters through the app. This is also compatible with detection or water immersion sensor.