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7 Warning Signs You Need to Call a Plumber UK

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No matter how confident you might be with your DIY skills, there are several water problems that are best left to the hands of professional and skilled plumbers. More than fixing the issues, expert plumbers will also make sure that these problems won’t get worse in the first place.

Here are some 7 warning signs that there is a problem with your plumbing system and that you need to call a plumber who can nip the issue in the bud.

  1. Bad Odours

If you notice bad smells in your home, this indicates that the valve doesn’t perform well and needs repair or replacement. This is never an easy fix so it is important to get in touch with a plumber immediately. The plumber will make sure that your house will be free from the smell of rotten eggs or sewage water.

  1. Clogged Drains

You might be dealing with a clogged drain if you noticed standing water in your kitchen sink or bathtub (maybe you need a new bathroom fitted!).  When this happens, make sure that you clear it out right away. A professional plumber will be able to get rid of the obstructions and even check if there could be other underlying problems in your drainage system.

  1. Mould Growth

Mould growth is usually the result of leaky pipes in the ceilings or walls. Contact a plumber to inspect your water system if you see some mould formation around your house. Mould may lead to serious property damage and may pose health hazards if not addressed without delay.

  1. Trouble Maintaining Consistent Water Pressure or Low Water Pressure

Although you can solve simple water pressure problems by clearing up residue or screwing off the aerators, it means trouble if the pressure doesn’t improve even after you do it. Low water pressure may indicate a degraded water line, a fractured pipe, or water leak in the unit. Fixing this on your own may make matters worse.

  1. No Draining or Slow Draining

If your toilet, tub, or sink takes too long to drain, you will surely need the help of an expert to properly address that clog. It is also best to call in a plumber if there is no draining at all even after you use plunging and drain cleaners.

  1. Gas Smell

Never take it lightly if there is a smell of gas anywhere in your home. The natural gas may combine with other scents but its odour is still unmistakable and can be noticed right away. Make sure to switch off your appliances to prevent damages because of gas leaks from pipes. Even a small spark in a bulb may ignite a hazardous gas explosion.

  1. Gurgling Water

If your toilet starts to gurgle while you are taking a shower, you will know instantly that there is something wrong. However, you might not be able to determine its cause. If you have a clogged drain and water is trapped in your faucet, you will need professional help at the soonest time possible.